Diversity and Inclusion

The OPPA condemns systemic, structural racism. We (members) recognizes the negative impact it has had on the health and well-being of our Ohio patients for generations. We recognize that it has also negatively impacted our organization and the practice of psychiatry. The OPPA Committee on Diversity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism will strive to eliminate structural racism and related health care disparities by:

  • Diversifying the OPPA leadership
  • Diversifying the OPPA membership
  • Advancing the cause of anti-racism in our members by providing education on forms of racism, bias, cultural respect and humility
  • Combating the health inequalities our patients experience through OPPA advocacy work and by partnering with other Ohio organizations (medical, behavioral, patient advocacy, etc.) that also wish to combat racism and health disparities for the betterment of Ohio

The following resources are available on anti-racism and mental health:


Psychiatry Confronts its Racial Past, and Tries to Make Amends

Structural Racism is Why I’m Leaving Organized Psychiatry, by Ruth S. Shim


PsychEd podcast episode 30: Anti-Black Racism and Mental Health,  by Kwame McKenzie

Understanding and dismantling structural racism within organizations, Dr. Ruth S. Shim

Resources from other organizations


White Supremacy Culture, by Tema Okun